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November 09, 2004

Index to Halloween Storyline

Since no one demanded it, I thought I'd put up an index of sorts to my recent Halloween adventure featuring the lovely Hydrangea and a horde of ravenous ghouls and my brother and his wife and a reincarnated evil lama. I thought it might be helpful to have them organized in sequential order, so here goes.

The Halloween Storyline

Part One - Hydrangea
Part Two - Zoo No Go
Part Three - "Can I see your phurba?"
Part Four - Irritating Serenity
Part Five - A non-exploding envelope
Part Six - A bunch of unresolved emotional shit
Part Seven - Double date with density
Part Eight - Wrathful and victorious teacher of evil, part one
Part Nine - Wrathful and blah blah blah, part two
Part Ten - Best. Halloween. Ever.
Part Eleven - "Just like in The Matrix"
Part Twelve - Bonding with Serenity
Part Thirteen - She leaves
Part Fourteen - Casablanca

1 comment:

K.Fox, Jr. said...

That's nice of you. It's kind of weird that a girl your age (Heidi/Hydrangea) who was raised by Buddhist monks could have seen the Matrix, but not the Green Hornet. Oh, well. What, Me Worry?