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November 22, 2004

Yet another goddamn armored car heist

This is getting fucking annoying. This time somebody with a camcorder got footage of three Jet Pack Mafia goons blasting off with bags of loot, laughing. Each of these robberies happens in the suburbs or outside of town, and as we all know I'm strictly an urban jungle guy.

I wish I could fly.

I know, everybody wishes they could fly, but with me it's actually a possibility. It happens. You find an alien hover-belt, or a flight ring or something. I mean, that guy in San Dimas, Chrysalis -- he started off as a street level guy, then he grew those big freaky dragonfly wings. Okay, maybe he's not a good example. Who wants giant crystal wings? How does he go into restaurants?

I should ask My Guy what the options are for upgrading the armor with some sort of flight or gliding capabilities. I've got to stay competitive. This is like an arms race. The Jet Pack Mafia are making me look like a putz, and pretty soon Kestrel or somebody is going to come along and cut in on my scene.

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K.Fox, Jr. said...

Yep, as petty as it sounds, you gotta defend your turf, dude. Peace.