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November 13, 2004

Patrol Report

Today an armored car got hijacked then blown up outside town near Emerald Greens. One of the guards is dead and the other one is comatose, in critical condition. No witnesses. No idea who did it.

Naturally, I go out on patrol. I bounce around Midtown listening to Block Rockin' Beats, feeling ineffectual. This is my response to everything: go on patrol. I'm starting to think that from a crimefighting perspective that I might suck.

Seriously. I suck. If my goal is to fight crime in Evergreen City, to make a difference, I think I'm falling way short of that goal. All I do is bounce around the city at night listening to music, occasionally randomly running across a crime by some stroke of luck, not design. I've got superpowers; the bouncing around stuff is like jogging to me. I should call it "Jogging Report" instead of "Patrol Report." An armored car gets hijacked and blown up (exploded, you might say), and all I can do is go jogging.

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K.Fox, Jr. said...

You could always, I don't know, get some informants! Do some shakedowns! Talk to peeps and say it's 'OFF_THE_RECORD!!!' Yeah, that might work.