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November 15, 2004

Earth = 1 Giant Sentient Asteroid = 0

So I guess everybody on earth almost died last night and we didn't even know it.

I'm a little fuzzy on the details, but CNN says that a big living asteroid from another dimension suddenly appeared in our solar system about 48 hours ago on a collision course with Earth. The Storm Riders intercepted the asteroid last night near The Moon in one of their custom space shuttles. I guess Storm Lord and Valkris destroyed the Rhode Island size asteroid with bolts of lightning and Dr Quark flushed the shattered chunks down a dimensional vortex. There was no mention of the Midnight Rambler, who was probably piloting the shuttle.

I slept throught the whole thing. Typical.

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K.Fox, Jr. said...

Dude, that's sad. Least you could'a done was slept in your secret sanctum/ batcave/ fortress of solitude-type place and jogged to their mansion/ castle on the hill-type place and get turned-down after repeatedly asking if you could come to combat any bad guys that come out of the 'living astroid' once they board the ship. I'm sure you could've done something. And, I mean, the Midnight Rambler got to pilot, maybe you could've co-piloted. Me no know. Peace.