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November 09, 2004

Margo Report

Margo is wearing a striped black and grey mohair sweater and snug blue jeans today. She's carrying her usual Odwalla as she comes out of a meeting room with a bunch of suits, guys I've never seen before. Nobody wears suits in my company, unless they're meeting with other grown-ups from the real world. I wonder who they are?

Anyway, Margo grins at me and says, "Mackenzie! It's been forever. I gotta talk to you."

To express your undying love? Probably not.

"You need to borrow some money?" I say. Hilarious. That joke never gets old. That's what passes for wit with me these days. Oscar Wilde would bitch-slap me.

"No, dummy. I've got a project for you. Top secret. I'll swing by sometime this week and we can chat."

"Okay," I say. "Is this the QuantumWorks thing?"

"It's top secret." She playfully swats my bicep. "Hey, you been working out?"

You have no idea.

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K.Fox, Jr. said...

Some people are just too dense to know unless you tell 'em, 'eh? I mean, Corine got it. I think this chick's a bit of ditz. I mean, I'm surprised that you can wet yourself after getting drunk, but you don't reveal to anyone your secret identity.

PS-I know this is extremely off-topic, but did you know that the woman/girl/chick that played Lana Lang in Superman III plays Clark's mom in Smallville.

And the woman/girl/chick whom played Lois had a cameo in a season four episode as a woman whom knew good and well about kryptonians and gave Clark's mom/Lana a piece of black kryptonite to split his evil Kal-El whom goes by Kal(red kryptonite) personality and his regular Kal-El that goes by Clark personality. Clark won in a battle vaguely similar to the one in Superman III, except it was ona smaller scale and in a cave and shorter. Man, that was a long 'PS'. Sorry... :)