It's like Bridget Jones' Diary, but with a super-powered vigilante.

October 30, 2004

A bunch of unresolved emotional shit

After breakfast (organic French toast and fruit salad with shade grown coffee) I take Colin and Serenity shopping for a wedding present. Sure, the bride and groom are Wiccan, but they still registered for gifts at the Bon Marche. Smart hippies.

Colin and I end up in a pub while Serenity shops.

“You know, you could try being a little nice to her,” Colin says.

“What are you talking about? Have you seen my fridge? It’s stocked with organic food. Have I not been accommodating? I think I’ve been very accommodating.”

“Yeah, but you’re very passive aggressive about it, like you want her to feel guilty that you bought all that stuff,” he says, which is totally true.

“That’s totally not true,” I say.

“Whatever. Just because you have a bunch of unresolved emotional shit with Mom, don’t take it out on Serenity.”

We drink our beers in silence for a minute.

“Are we going out to dinner tonight?” he says. “Because we’ve got the wedding tomorrow, and we’re leaving on Monday.”

Shit, I’ve got to meet Hydrangea at 6. “Uhh, gosh Colin, I don’t know…”

He gets that look, that same you-broke-my-Shogun-Warrior look that he’s had for decades.

“I’ll tell you what; let me make a phone call.”

I duck away and call the Metropolitan Hotel on my cell and ask for Hydrangea’s room.

“You want to what?” she says. She sounds pissed.

“Reschedule. Listen, my brother and his wife are in town…”

“Yes, I know, Mr Mackenzie, you mentioned that. I wonder if your priorities are in order, because thwarting a Hungry Ghost invasion is not high on your list of things to do.”

“Look, I just have to have dinner with them. I’ll be done by eight, eight-thirty.”

She sighs. “Allright, I’m coming with you.”

“I beg your pardon?” I say.

“I’ll be your date. Pick me up at 6 PM in the lobby.”

“What? Wait.”

“Pick a nice restaurant,” she says and hangs up.

Shit. I return to the table, all smiles.

“Okay, we’re on for dinner. You can meet my new girlfriend.”

Colin arches an eyebrow. “You never mentioned a girl. What’s her name?”



K.Fox, Jr. said...

Hardy, hardy, har. You win, Velvet Marauder. Hope you picked a nice resturaunt.

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