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October 30, 2004

A non-exploding envelope

I show up on top of the Masonic Temple at midnight, but Hydrangea isn't there. Instead, I find a small envelope floating in mid-air. It's just hovering there, about five feet off the roof. For a fleeting moment I consider the possibility that this might be a trap, then I grab the envelope. I'm going to get killed someday because of decisions like this.

The envelope doesn't blow up or turn into a viper. Inside is a card that smells like Hydrangea. It reads:

That was very rude of you to leave me in the coffee shop like that.
Tonight I will search for YT on the Astral Plane. Meet me tomorrow at 6 PM. Room 924 at the M.
Don't be late.

Hunh. Somebody's a little sensitive.

I patrol around Old Town for an hour, mostly for the exercise, then call it a night. When I get home Colin and Treehugger are still asleep in the guest room. It smells like patchouli in here.

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K.Fox, Jr. said...

It's not your fault she's too sensitive. She'll get over it. Don't people understand these days that family, as much as they drift apart and have spouses that hate you, are still more important than friends.