It's like Bridget Jones' Diary, but with a super-powered vigilante.

February 03, 2006

Table of Contents

VM art by Ken Christiansen

Exploder ambushes our hero, destroys his car. A team-up with Kestrel. Bitching about public transit and bruises.

September 2004

A business trip with the object of Connor’s affections. New armor. A co-worker goes apeshit. Humiliated by a ninja. Positive media coverage.

October 2004

A huge fight with Yiff, a freak in a bear suit. More positive media coverage. Team-up with Hydrangea to battle zombies and a Tibetan sorcerer. VM finally gets laid.

November 2004

Connor’s brother and fiancĂ© visit. A mugging. Recruited into the mysterious QuantumWorks project at work. A brawl with Jet Pack Mafia. Connor destroys a printer.

December 2004
Connor grows suspicious of weird plants. My bitch, Chad. Kung fu fight with an elf at a holiday gala. VM crushes the Jet Pack Mafia. New glider wings.

January 2005

Team-up with Kestrel and Wombat to battle Baron von Blitzkrieg and his super-blimp. Connor grows suspicious of his new bosses.

February 2005

The perils of super-powered sneezing. The Paracrime Unit hunts VM. Saving an ungrateful old lady from Judo Boys.

March 2005

Connor gets laid, then dissed. A Paracrime dragnet. VM battles his first robot.

April 2005

VM accidentally kills the villain Parka in battle. Hiding in Costa Rica from The Malefactors, Parka’s homies.

Silver Striker gives Connor a pep talk. Return from exile. Margo is suspicious of QuantumWorks, wants to meet VM.

June 2005

Margo and VM finally meet. A battle with Green Dragon. Showdown with Connor’s mysterious bosses. All is revealed. Connor skips town yet again.

Return from extended road trip. Who the hell is Paleowolf?