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November 01, 2004

Bonding with Serenity

I’m in no mood for work today, so I call in and speak with Corine, tell her I’m going to work from home. I’m going to stay home and make breakfast for Colin and Serenity and then give them a ride to the airport.

Serenity wakes up first. Colin’s still asleep. I make her an omelet (antibiotic free eggs, organic red onion and olives) and some tea.

“I really like Heidi,” she says between bites. “Why didn’t you tell us about her?”

“Ah, I don’t know. I don’t think it’s a long-term thing.”

“That’s too bad. I think she’s a good influence on you.”

I let that one pass.

We sit eating in silence for a while, but it’s not an uncomfortable silence.

“Hey, I think it’s great that you guys are trying to get pregnant. You’d make good parents. The world needs more people like you guys to be parents. So, you know, good luck.” That’s as close to an apology that I’m able to muster for years of her putting up with my crap.

“Thank you, Doug. That’s nice. Thank you.”

We smile across the table at each other. We’ve bonded.

Later in the day when I see them off at ECX I get a big hug from both of them. I find myself actually happy that they came to visit. Maybe I can fly out to New Avalon sometime soon.

God, what is happening to me? I used to be such a dick. I’m losing my touch.


K.Fox, Jr. said...

But it's good that you're no longer a dick. Right? Right? Yeah, I'll just go with that.

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