It's like Bridget Jones' Diary, but with a super-powered vigilante.

November 30, 2004

Situation: Uncool

You may recall that during my meeting with the QuantumWorks steering committee on the ninth floor I planted a bug in the conference room. The needle size KOMA probe was buried into the fabric cover of the seat I was sitting in, recording and transmitting to the audio suite on my utility belt. I got a weird vibe during the meeting, particularly from the enigmatic John Quentin, who smells like a super-villain to me, so I planted the bug in hopes of gleaning some info about whatever nefarious plans they undoubtedly were plotting.

The KOMA probe works great - the sound is crystal clear. I listen to the wav. file it made the day of the meeting, starting with when I left.

There's some generally positive and inoffensive chatter between ringleader John Quentin, CFO Ted Bradbury, the scholarly Aaron Clarke, and the beautiful Margo, who has been recruited as a program coordinator for QuantumWorks. I fast forward. Margo leaves and it's just the three guys. The three evil masterminds.

BRADBURY: --seemed harmless enough. I don't know why we're even bringing him into the picture, John.

This sounds interesting.

JOHN QUENTIN: I think Mr. Mackenzie will work out fine.

CLARKE: He seemed suspicious of the whole set-up.

JOHN QUENTIN: I think he exhibited a healthy skepticism.

BRADBURY: It just seems like an unnecessary risk. I don't know why you play at this level, Q, you should focus on the big picture.

JOHN QUENTIN: The big picture is a mosaic, Ted, made up of little pieces like this.


JOHN QUENTIN: Guys, guys. Have a little faith. In a short while we'll all be very, very rich.

CLARKE: We're already very rich, John.

JOHN QUENTIN: Wealth is relative.

BRADBURY: It's like talking to a sphinx.

CLARKE: Well, I'll go with John's instincts on this. He is, after all, the resident expert on costumed sociopaths.

JOHN QUENTIN: It would be a mistake to underestimate our Mr. Mackenzie...

There's a scuffing noise, like somebody sat down on the chair or... or found the bug and picked it up. It's quiet, then I hear Clarke chuckling in the background.

BRADBURY: Son of a bitch...

They found the bug. How did they find the bug?

Who are these guys? They seem to know that I'm the Velvet Marauder and I get the impression that I wasn't brought onboard the project for my marketing savvy. What the fuck is going on around here?


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K.Fox, Jr. said...

Nice, man. I suppose they really ARE supervillains. Guess you'll have to come by your office dressed as the Marauder to open up a good ol' fashion can o' whup-a$$. Peace, bro.

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