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October 07, 2004

"That must have hurt."

I'm back at work. My story is that I was laid low by a combo flu / sinus infection, which helps explain my red, swollen ear.

Dragon Lady stops by and makes uncomfortable small talk, tries to act like she cares about my well-being. 5 points to her for remembering my name. Corine comes by and makes cooing noises and winces at the sight of my ear. She says, "That must have hurt."

I don't think anything of it until she leaves, but she said, "That must have hurt." What does that mean? If somebody told you that they had a swollen ear from a sinus infection (however probable or improbable that may be) you would say "that must hurt." By saying, "that must have hurt" it implies that my swollen ear was a result of some injury. You see what I'm saying?

Does Corine know? She saw me leap about twenty feet to take out Todd when he went postal [see post He Goes Postal, 9/14/04] but she's never said anything about it, really. Am I being paranoid? I'm a super-powered illegal vigilante with a secret identity, does the normal standard for paranoia apply to me?

God, I forgot. The Company party is this Friday night at this pool hall/bowling alley/bar in Queen's Row. I better go to that. I wonder if Margo is going.

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K.Fox, Jr. said...

I wonder if she knows.....(LOL)