It's like Bridget Jones' Diary, but with a super-powered vigilante.

October 22, 2004

Media Coverage

There was a little blurb on KLUB's 11 PM news last night about me:

Reporter Todd Gregory stands in front of the flattened Cabriolet in the rain.
Witnesses claim that they spotted the Velvet Marauder in a running battle across the rooftops of Old Town with an unknown opponent in a furry suit. And if this ruined car is any indication --
Todd Gregory gestures behind him at the flattened car.
-- it was a savage battle indeed.
Cut to: Gum-snapping woman with vacant stare.
I was all, 'Oh my God' and they were all 'Aaaah' and they fell right on to that there car and I was all, 'Oh my God...'
Back to Todd Gregory, holding his ear, looking stern.
It's unclear by witness descriptions who exactly the Marauder was fighting. Was this a rematch between the vigilante and the mysteriour Bear Man? Evergreen police were unwilling to speculate, but one thing is clear: the tranquility of Old Town was shattered by a super-powered clash of titans.

Titan. I'm a titan.

I'm all for media coverage, but I feel a little sheepish about getting props for what was essentially super-horseplay. I feel bad about the car, too. I'm a good guy, I'm supposed to protect people's cars, not flatten them.


Arwen said...

Ooh. Titan is a good word. Who the heck thinks these things up? The news people are usually so boring, I don't know where they come up with such interesting descriptions.
I'd feel bad about the car too, but it isn't neccessarily your fault, Mr. Marauder. Wombat did start the fight after all, right?

Go VM!

David Campbell said...

True, true. Just seems like everywhere I go, cars get destroyed.

Thanks Arwen!

K.Fox, Jr. said...

Ah well, if Superman, Captain America, and Iron Man can get away with smashing buildings and Ant Man/ Yellow Jacket/ Wife Beater can get away with accidentally smashing a car.

Superman uses cars on his enemies all the time and the only time he ever got bad publicity was in Superman III and Superman Returns (okay, not the only time, but almost).

Spider-Man doesn't even use cars to attack people on purpose and he gets plenty of BAD news coverage-Count your blessings.

PS-Would you mind if I did a little roll-play with this blog with a blog of my own (I'll even be a civilian if you want me to.)?