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October 06, 2004

Media Coverage

This has been a great week for me as far as P.R. goes.

Both newspapers had good coverage - the Inquisitor had a color picture of me in mid-air with the burning cop car in the background, and the Times headline screamed: "SUPER-BRAWL IN WATERFRONT PARK" with a sub-headline that said "Marauder saves cop from rampaging bear man." It's pretty good stuff, I come out looking like a stud. Here's a bit from the Inquisitor article:

Lieutenant William Connors of the ECFD was quick to credit the Velvet Marauder for saving Johnson [the cop].

"I know as city employees we're not supposed to comment on unsanctioned parahumans, but if he hadn't been there, I think things might have turned out different. That guy took some hits for us and killed that bear freak, so he's okay in my book."

Firefighter Todd Wilkens agrees. "He's got a lot of heart. He may look kind of, you know, flamboyant, but Marauder took care of business tonight."

Flamboyant? What the hell is that supposed to mean? I can't catch a break, I swear to God.

Anyway, the newspaper coverage is good. It's all going in the scrapbook. Yes, I keep a scrapbook, and no, I'm not vain. It's for my memoirs.

I Tivo'd all the local news channels for coverage of the fight - all except the Fox station, because they suck. KORN and KLUB had the best footage, but KARP 7 had a helicopter overhead, so they got good footage of Yiff plummeting into the bay, on fire. And yes, that's really the name of the station - KARP 7.

KORN definitely has the best footage - the shot of me slamming into their van, then looking up at the camera - you can hear Yiff barking in the background - and I hit them with the Marauder Smile and say: "Hey, how you guys doing? Nice night, huh?" I gotta say, that played really well, and I'm glad I had the presence of mind while getting molested by a guy in a bear suit to say something like that. Really helps reinforce the brand, you know, the swashbuckler archetype.

As usual Leslie Milton does a recap, backlight by police cars, blond hair flying in the rotor wash of the helicopters. Those glasses of hers are sexy. "Doctors at Bayview Hospital list Officer Johnson in serious but stable condition, and though police spokesman are hesitant to endorse the activities of any vigilante, they do acknowledge that the Velvet Marauder was instrumental in saving Officer Johnson's life and ending the rampage of the um, the bear suit guy. Looks like Evergreen City's nocturnal guardian can put another notch in the win column."

That last bit didn't make sense. Another notch in the win column? What does that mean? It doesn't matter, it's positive exposure. It's all about the brand. And right now, the brand is looking good.

I'm a hero. The TV says so.

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