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October 02, 2004

Exploder Escapes

I just got back from golfing (I kicked Mitch's ass) and I saw it on the news - Exploder just escaped from The Catacombs.

Reporter Leslie Milton is standing outside the prison while BREAKING NEWS crawls across the bottom of the screen. Behind her, through layers of mesh and concertina wire and cement walls, you can see black smoke pouring out of The Catacombs. Details are sketchy, but it basically looks like Exploder, um, exploded and broke out. Prison officials aren't saying whether any other inmates escaped, just that the whole joint is locked down.

This can't be good news. I wonder if Exploder is pissed at me...

I mean, if he were smart, he'd get out of the Northwest and keep a low profile. Who am I kidding? You think anybody named Exploder is going to keep it on the down-low? No.

Guess I'm going on patrol tonight.

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