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February 19, 2005

Things Superheroes Shouldn't Say, Part Two

Some things shouldn't be said because they make you look like a dangerous pervert.

- “Look at the ass on that nun!”

- “POOORN!!!”

- “Hey, kid. I’m stronger than your dad.”

- “Ha ha! I just took a big dump on the roof of that building!”

- (cough) “Nice to meet you. They call me Anthrax Man!”

- “
John Byrne!”

- “I want to lie down on the floor and make love to your shadow.”

-“I dig old chicks!”

- “I farted.”

- “You wanna party?”


Jay Larsen said...

Greetings VM.
Your Blog is the 2nd winner in the Thunder Echo Next Blog Button Bingo Contest.
You can view your prize at:

Congratulations, and keep fighting the good fight.

David Campbell said...

I am honored. Go check out Jay's blog and website for monkey fun and high-voltage art mania. Thanks my friend!


Anonymous said...

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