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February 16, 2005

Comments? Questions?

Hey, kids! Blogger changed the way you enter comments on to blogs; you no longer must have a Blogger account to leave a comment, which is great. So please, if you have any questions or anything you'd like to say, I invite you to leave a comment.

Think of the children, please. It's for the kids.


marcythewhore said...

Thursday, February 17, 2005

Marcy watches movies about Jesus and sings about Jesus...with you
Marcythewhore says… We all know that that National Endowment of the Arts is in big trouble cause we are spending all our money killing Muslims. A costly venture for sure. In the spirit of killing Muslims.I got a’hold of this site: Greatest Jesus Drawings….EVER!!

But Marcythewhore isn’t finished warning people about Muslims and wars against Muslims. Marcy invites you to sing about Jesus, too………marcythewhore

The Passion Of The Christ Inspires Scott Stapp And The Tea Party's Debut SingleMonday August 09, 2004 @ 04:00 PMBy: Staff
Scott Stapp

How can a movie that only featured traditional music spawn not one, but two albums of popular music? For some, at least, Jesus Christ is a pretty big source of inspiration.

When The Passion Of The Christ was released this spring, Mel Gibson sanctioned a CD called The Passion Of The Christ: Songs Inspired By, which featured previously recorded songs by people like Nick Cave, Elvis Presley and Bob Dylan. Now, to coincide with the DVD release of the epic film, Mel has lined up a second, more current disc called The Passion Of The Christ: Songs.

The first single and most newsworthy contribution to the disc will be the debut solo song from former Creed singer Scott Stapp and his hired back-up band, The Tea Party. According to, Stapp's song "Relearn Love" wasn't actually written about Mel Gibson's movie (rather, he used it to exercise his feelings about his divorce and the break-up of Creed), but he claims that the film taught him how to love again. The song will act as the new album's first single.

The record also marks the return of Lauryn Hill, who'll contribute "The Passion," which, other than a song she posted on her website earlier this year, is the first new material from Hill since her 2002 MTV Unplugged No. 2.0 album. The album will hit stores on August 31. In the meantime, here's a full tracklisting:

· Third Day, Steven Curtis Chapman and Mercy Me "I See Love"
· Scott Stapp (featuring The Tea Party) "Relearn Love"
· P.O.D. "Truly Amazing"
· Brad Paisley and Sara Evans "New Again"
· Big Dismal "Rainy Day"
· Lauryn Hill "The Passion"
· Kirk Franklin (featuring Yolanda Adams) "How Many Lashes"
· MxPx (featuring Mark Hoppus) "The Empire"
· Charlotte Church "Finding My Own Way"
· Bebe Winans and Angie Stone "Miracle Of Love"
· Dan Lavery "To Give Love"
· Big Dismal "Reason I Live"
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Kid Hollywood said...


Velvet Marauder said...

Thanks Marcy the Whore! I find you baffling, but in a nice way...

Kid Hollywood said...

Uhhhhh... yea.

So anyway.

Kid Hollywood really dug your battle with The Baron. You kicked ass, even though he got away. Kid Hollywood invites you to sing about The Velvet Marauder too.....
Fucking villains always get away.
You would think real life would be different than the fantasy. But you would be wrong.
But Kid Hollywood isn't finished warning you about ParaHumans and the wars against ParaHumans.

Fuck that Solomon Sledge guy. Just be careful, and keep an eye out for traps, and shit.
When they aren't able to get their hands on you, everyone will love you that much more.
Just like Spider ManGlad to hear your shoulder is better and all that.

And of course, nice work with Mrs. Cho. She sounded like she was kind of a bitch. But you handled it nicely.

Kid Hollywood invites you to sing about the Velvet Marauder again.
The Velvet Marauder has inspired others to sing songs about him.
James Brown: "I Feel Velvet"
James Iha: "I can't get enough Velvet"
Sting: "Kick Evil In The Crotch"
Outkast: "Game ON!!"

Ok, Kid Hollywood made some of those up.


marcythewhore said...

Marcysays: I see you boys don't understand the super villainous of Marcythewhore (that's me).

I own and operate a chain of Chicago based massage parlors plying the trade of the world's most shall we say it? slaves?.....marcythewhore

Velvet Marauder said...

Kid Hollywood amuses the Velvet Marauder.

The Velvet Marauder may not understand Marcy the Whore, but that doesn't mean I don't like Marcy the Whore. The Velvet Marauder loves the David Lynch movie Lost Highway, but doesn't understand it. It's sort of like that.


marcythewhore said...

February 2005
Tell NASCAR to stop embarrassing ads

Dear Bobby,

NASCAR promotes itself as "family fare" and consistently brags about its family oriented sport. The term "family" is frequently used as the core value of NASCAR.

So, why does NASCAR allow its broadcasts to be filled with graphic ads for "erectile dysfunction" when they know tens of thousands of kids are watching?

The constant ads for Levitra and Cialis are offensive and embarrassing to parents who trust NASCAR to present a quality program without questionable material.

The NFL has proved that sports entities that produce millions of dollars of profit for networks can and do have a say-so when it comes to associational advertising. The NFL canned a Super Bowl ad "on the spot" when they felt it crossed the line of common decency and responsibility to the viewing public.

NASCAR has an obligation to its fans and should demand graphic ads for sexually oriented products to be removed from its broadcast.

Remind NASCAR to hold true to promoting programming appropriate for the entire family, especially our children. Tell NASCAR to stop graphic Levitra and Cialis ads during race broadcasts.

Send Your Letter To NASCAR Now!


Donald E. Wildmon, Chairman

Matt said...

The Velvet Marauder is awesome!

Better than the Batman & Wolverine combined!

(Marcy is off-putting and makes me nervous.)

Velvet Marauder said...

Thanks Matt, I appreciate it.

OK, Marcy: I may not be up to date on blog etiquette, but pasting your blog posts in the comment section of other blogs seems kind of rude. I'm more than happy to have you post a comment here that actually pertains to my blog, but just posting random shit from your blog seems kind of spammy and undermines your irony and/or sexual iconoclasm. So consider this a polite request for you to stop.


Anonymous said...

Velvet Marauder,
So why the name "Marauder"? Your raison d'etre has nothing to do with raiding in search of plunder.

Also, I'm surprised to see no mention of the word Metrosexual in your blog. It's obvious you like women. I like women too. Though I can't tell the difference between a shirt and a blouse. You seem to know a bit TOO much about womens' fashion. So what size dress do you wear, VM? VM. VM? Is that short for Vagina Man???? Maybe THAT'S why you're always aiming for the CROTCH. You're just COPPING A FEEL!

Forget the whole metrosexual thing, man. You're gay!!!

By the way, I like the blog a lot.

Your BIGGEST fan.

Velvet Marauder said...

Damn it, another reader sees right through my heterosexual facade. I guess I should cancel that order of crotch-seeking-mini-missiles from My Guy - I wouldn't want people to talk. Or I could change my name to Crotch Raider. Thanks Anonymous, for your comments!

Vagina Man

Anonymous said...

More Wombat please!

marcythewhore said...

My apologies for offsetting your velvet touch. Obviously I antagonized your gay patronage. Sigh. Marcy's chain of Chicago based massage parlors offers Happy Endings for gays of both gender. Okay, so there are no hard feelings and only misconstrued misunderstandings I will no longer attempt to ply my unilateral thoughts on Velvet Superheroes (though a Texas Cage death match between a heterosexual and homosexual couple of super heroes would draw a great crowd)...bye, bye, good luck in your future velveting around....marcythewhore