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February 04, 2005

“Is Marauder Dead?”

I’ve got a lot of catching up to do, media wise. During my recuperative sojourn in Vancouver, the local media have had a fucking field day with the whole Baron von Blitzkrieg attack. It’s kind of cool because for once, even if it’s only in the E.C., I’m a bigger story than the Storm Riders.

The Inquisitor has a huge color photo of the zeppelin hovering over town under a screaming headline: "HEROES STOP BANK BLITZ!" There’s a “special pull-out section!!!” that features more in-depth hyperbole and more pretty color pictures. There’s a blurry shot of Kestrel diving towards the blimp – it looks like a screen capture from a video camera or something. There’s an excellent action shot of Wombat leaping through a column of black smoke during his fight with the bank raiders. I wonder if he’s seen this, I should scan it and email it to him. And yes, there’s a quality color picture of me that I assume was taken with a telephoto lens. I’m clinging to the side of the Donar’s passenger cabin and I have my arm cocked back, ready to punch out a porthole. I have to say, I look pretty fucking cool.

An interesting and not unwelcome by-product of the Blitzkrieg incident has been public criticism of the way Mayor McChesney’s office and the ECPD handled the crisis. The argument goes: “We shouldn’t need the Velvet Marauder and Co. to defend us from threats like Baron von Blitzkrieg or the Jet Pack Mafia; our police should have the training and ability to deal with parahuman-level threats.” It’s been a big black eye on the new mayor’s administration and kind of makes our new hard-ass police chief look like an ineffectual pussy. I just don’t want this whole deal to reflect poorly on the E.C.’s cops in general, who I have a lot of respect for. Mad props to those guys.

There’s a little article in the Times about Leslie Milton, the KLUB reporter whose news chopper was shot down by Blitzkrieg. I feel really bad about that, I liked her. Plus, she was hot.

Oh, and this is amusing. There’s a rumor going around that I’m dead. Thursday’s Inquisitor runs a story with the headline: “Is Marauder Dead?” with the sub-header: “No sightings of city’s champion since blimp battle.” The last time I was publicly seen was when Kestrel fished my stabbed and shot ass out of the Bay, and there’s a lot of speculation that I bought the farm. For some reason, that amuses me.

“City’s champion.” I likes me the sound of that.


Arwen said...

Wow. It looks like you've been busy... In a good way.
Your rep seems to have skyrocketed - likely much of the North American Continent knows who you are (and probably what you look like) now. Which is awesome.

Sorry I haven't been around to cheer you on, been a bit psychotic here of late. But I'm all caught up now.
Poor Leslie Milton... Apollo and I have actually started using the phrase "naughty librarian".

Great (well, kinda.) about Margo breaking up with "Evil Val Kilmer" (we use that term quite often as well.), now at least you don't have to be cautious of her telling him if you flirt with her and getting your butt kicked... Kidding. She digs you anyway.

Smash Evil! (And good luck with your shoulder... ouch.)

- Arwen

P.S. Have you thought about publishing your blog in book form? 'Cause it would totally sell.

Velvet Marauder said...

Arwen lives! Thanks for the comments, pal. Yeah, bummer about Leslie Milton. I think we can all learn something from her tragic death: don't fly too close to enemy blimps. It's a good rule of thumb, really.

Glad to see you again. Say hi to your bro for me!

Smash evil,

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