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February 16, 2005

Patrol Report

I half-expect to get ambushed by Ryczek's new SWAT team when I go on patrol tonight, but no dice. As a matter of fact, nothing much is going on at all tonight. I bounce around Old Town and Queen's Row looking in vain for somebody to beat up, er, a citizen to save while listening to Electric Six on my headphones.

I occasionally stop and scan the surrounding rooftops with the various settings on my goggles. Nothing. Remember back in December, I spotted a SWAT guy up on a rooftop with surveillance gear near a warehouse fire? (see post Patrol Report, 12/9/04) At the time it seemed to me like the cop or whoever was staking out the fire, maybe hoping I'd make an appearance. Some time went by and I never saw any more cops, so I didn't really think twice about it. But what if the Paracrime Unit has been operational already? What if they have footage of me, or a recording of my voice? I mean, if I were Capt. Solomon Sledge* I would put guys on the rooftops at night and wait for me to come by on patrol. Somebody could be taking pictures of me right now from a dark room on the 37th floor of the Olympic Hotel.

In these circumstances, I think a little paranoia is appropriate.

*That's a fun name to say, isn't it? Say that out loud: "Solomon Sledge."


Lord Chimmy said...

With the current satellite technology you can rest assured that "they" have the Velvet M in their sights...

Velvet Marauder said...

...I hadn't thought of that. Shit.

Thanks LC