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February 11, 2005

Superman is a Dick

This is really funny: Superman is a Dick by Mike Miksch, a pictorial essay of surreal old DC comic book covers with one thing in common: a psychotic, abusive Superman! You'll be amazed at how many DC Comics featured Superman acting like, well, like a dick. It is a laff riot.


marcythewhore said...

This is absolutely amazingly hysterical. I once had a Superman story idea where Superman is flying along when suddenly he is stricken with a sexual urge and an erection. I mean, Superman does do sex, doesn't he? Well, Superman decides to roll over on his back, continue flying along while he masturbates. Of course his mind is lost in his onanism and he's not watching where he's flying. Hence he leaves a trail of destruction, smashing through skyscrapers while coming closer to cumming. This story can be updated that it was Superman who knocked down the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center.....marcythewhore

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