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February 13, 2005

Biker rampage and golf epiphany

Sorry I haven't posted in a few days. It's just that I'm so damn lazy.

What's been going on? I go on patrol Friday night and bust up a bar fight in Queen's Row. A bunch of stupid frat boys think they can take a couple of old bikers, tough-as-leather types with faded tattoos and miles of hard road etched in their faces. They are wrong. I have to stop the old guys before they permanently disable these kids. The bikers are very good natured about my intervention and they offer to buy me a drink. One of them looks like Kris Kristofferson. I politely shoo them away before the cops show up.

What else? J.C. and I go golfing at Shetfield, where I realize that if I didn't have superpowers, I would probably suck at golf. Really, my putting is for shit.

That's about it. Back to work tomorrow - Valentine's Day! Boy, I love Valentine's Day. It's just like New Year's - it reminds me of how desperately single and starved for sex and companionship I am. I can't wait!

(I refuse to use "emoticons" or even make little winky faces with semi-colons to indicate irony, so let me just say that the preceding paragraph is intended to be sarcastic.)


marcythewhore said...

marcythewhore said...

Marcy warns you to use smart sex condoms on Valentine's Day

Marcysays: There's two things you have to remember about Valentine's Day. One, if it weren't for Al Capone and the St. Valentine's Day Massacre, St. Valentine's Day would have been declared a pagan holiday by the church and outlawed.

Two, remember you got to use Marcy's Smart Sex Condoms even on Valentine's Day. Look what happened in the year of our Lord 1932 cause people didn't have Smart Sex Condoms....marcythewhore

1932 Feb 2, Al Capone was sent to prison at Atlanta, Georgia, for "tax evasion." (MC, 2/2/02)

1932 The US government began its 40-year Tuskegee Syphilis Study on 623 black men in rural Macon County, Ala. It ended in 1972 after Health Service investigator Peter Buxton exposed the study's unethical procedures.

Velvet Marauder said...

Umm, thanks Marcy The Whore. I think.


marcythewhore said...

My job is to spread the word, not the disease....marcythewhore

Marcythewhore recommends some blogs

Marcy says: Lots of blogs are sentimental weepy things. Some aren't. Here are some I recommend for the stronger of heart.....marcythewhore