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December 17, 2004

Space zombies or evil beast from another dimension? You make the call.

So I just read this article about the weird meteor craters up in Canada's Northwest Territory.

Remember last month that giant sentient asteroid that nearly wiped out all life on Earth? (see post "Death Rock from Space" 11/16/04) Apparently after the Storm Riders destroyed the asteroid some chunks of it made it through the Earth's atmosphere, landing somewhere up in the Great White North. Now there are weird atmospheric and magnetic anomalies up there; radios don't work, the Aurora Borealis hovers overhead 24/7, the air smells like copper, etc. The Canadian government has sent a research team up there to check it out. They're dead men.

This is so totally an alien invasion, or a giant Cthulhu monster, or the start of a zombie plague. I give it a week before the shit hits the fan and we have another extinction scale crisis again (a crisis that I will not take part in, naturally) and some big shots like the Storm Riders or Minutemen will have to come in and sort shit out.

You think I'm paranoid. I'll admit that I sometimes jump to conclusions and assume that people are supervillains, or at the very least part of some sinister conspiracy. But you have to understand: I'm a superhero. That's how things work. In my world, if there's some sort of weird meteor crater up in the Arctic Circle, it means space zombies. Or something.

Just you wait. I know about these things.

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K.Fox, Jr. said...

You're probably right and (seeing as how you're not just Connor Mackenzie or Velvet Marauder but also David Campbell writer of this blog whom can write whatever thouest wantests) there'll probably be a giant monster or some space zombies or something.