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December 14, 2004

Espionage for Beginners

Today my goal is to plant eavesdropping bugs around the Ninth Floor - I'm hoping that I'll pick up something useful and get to the bottom of this whole supervillain CEO thing in my company.

I'm using KOMA probes, tiny needle sized seismic sensors that send audio files to the communications system in my utility belt. For about ten minutes I walk around pretending to look for a file I left somewhere. For authenticity, I make my bitch Chad look for the nonexistent paper, too, which sort of cracks me up. I stick one bug in the fabric covering a seat in the conference room, one under my desk, one in Margo's office, and one in the potted plant outside of Aaron Clarke's office.

What the hell are these plants, anyway? The main corridor in the QuantumWorks section has these freaky looking potted plants, vivid succulents and cacti in weird colors. The plant near the mysterious big shot John Quentin's door is this freaky looking Venus flytrap thing that I swear turns its head to watch you.

I activate the KOMA probes. I'll listen to the audio files tonight in the Secret Chamber. Maybe I will find out more about the sinister troika - Quentin, Clarke, and Bradbury - who run the QuantumWorks project, and maybe the entire company.

Then I will kick them all in the nuts.

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K.Fox, Jr. said...

Solid. Kick 'em in the balls!!! And have fun doing it. Don't forget to where a helmet!!! No, on a more serious note, find out whom they are and, yeah, kick 'em in the balls/ nuts/ let's not go there with the 'etcetera, etcetera'.