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December 05, 2004

Patrol Report

I went out last night and hopped around the South End in my spare costume, just to try to work some of the kinks out. My back is still stiff, but I've been taking it easy all week and if I don't exercise, I'll bust a Godzilla and destroy a house or something.

I bounce around listening to Propellerheads and generally just getting my heart rate up. Since I have no interest in fighting crime tonight I deliberately pick a sleepy section of warehouses, docks, and rail yards as my personal gym. I feel vaguely guilty: what kind of Scourge of the Night goes out on crimefighting patrol just for exercise with no interest in Defending the Downtrodden at all?


1 comment:

K.Fox, Jr. said...

Y'know what? Good for you. Everyone needs a little rest every now and then. This reminds me, you should get your outfit's outline changed to the same color as the outline of your regular costume (as opposed to light purple). Peace.