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December 15, 2004

All your bugs are belong to us

So all of the expensive KOMA probes that I planted on the Ninth Floor are gone. They never even transmitted.

Hunh. Looks like the electronic surveillance option is out. I might have to go old school and pull a Watergate, break into the offices at night.

I can't figure this out. Clearly these guys know that I'm on to them and their plan (whatever it is) but they haven't confronted me or killed me or any of the shit you would expect. If Quentin, Clarke, and Bradbury knew I was the Velvet Marauder, why did they hire me? It doesn't make sense.

If I were smarter, I think I'd be able to figure this whole thing out.

1 comment:

K.Fox, Jr. said...

I don't know, maybe you'd figure it out. You'll get it eventually, I have faith in you.