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December 19, 2004

Media Coverage

I'm resting today. My ears are still ringing from the multiple head injuries I received last night from those fucking Jet Pack Mafia goons.

I made the national news. They had footage of the battle area on CNN! I mean, it was a short clip, but still. I Tivo'd all the local broadcasts as usual. Hot reporter Leslie Milton used the phrases "reign of terror" twice when refering to the Jet Pack Mafia crime spree. As in "their reign of terror was brought to an end tonight in a spectacular and destructive battle with the Velvet Marauder." There's been some bitching about the property damage, but whatever. That's what parahuman catastrophe insurance is for, am I right? Babies.


Anonymous said...

Damn right, that's the parahuman catastrophe insurance is for! And it's not like the insurance company can claim that it wasn't a parahuman catastrophe, with CNN showing the footage an' all.

It's like the time Glaciator froze the water reservoir to stop the Devil Doll from poisoning the whole city, and afterwards some attention-hungry ambulance-chaser threatened to sue Glaciator for interrupting the water supply! Hey, go complain with the bad guy, y'know?

Anyway, love your blog. Keep up the good work!

K.Fox, Jr. said...

Yeah, how come no one complains when the JLA or the Avengers wreck several city blocks in the comics but you can't catch a brake with a construction site? A friggin' construction site! There's nothin' even there yet. Geez, man. Peace.