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December 12, 2004

Teaching yourself how to fly: a steep and painful learning curve

I think I really fucked up my shoulder.

And my head.

I crash - fucking crash- into a skyscraper doing, like, eighty. Damn glider wings. I slap into the Banque Evergreen building like a sparrow into a window.

In good conscience I cannot recommend a personal flight device to anybody who is not at least partially invulnerable. If I wasn't all armored up and super tough I would be a bloody smear down a skyscraper right now. Don't try to fly, kids. There, that could be the motto I'm looking for.

My right arm is all tingly...

I should go to the hospital.

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K.Fox, Jr. said...

Dude, you just need a little practice. Don't give up. I mean, for normal-no offense intentioned-people falling on our sides after messing up a jump on a bike or a skate trick isn't cool and makes us want to give up, but we persist. You, you have near-invunerability, and, curse it, you're going to wait this bloody thing out. And I DO mean bloody[By the way, I sometimes you British curses to avoid getting into trouble with teachers/ parents/ gaurdians/ etc.].