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December 17, 2004

Blade: Trinity

So I saw Blade: Trinity, which was a let down.

I love - love - the first two Blade movies, and I'm not going to cop out and qualify that statement by calling them "cheesy fun" or something. I just flat out dug them. And nobody is a bigger fan of writer David Goyer than I am, but somebody else should have directed this one. It was like the pilot for a Canadian syndicated adventure show based on the Blade movies -- cheap and devoid of atmosphere. It was like an episode of the TV series Highlander, only with swearing. They didn't get enough coverage for their fight scenes so they try to fix the problem with choppy editing. The guy that played Drake (aka Dracula) looked like a pagan rugby player. None of the vampires looked cool. You wouldn't think that would be important, but it totally is. Fuck, how much would it have cost to hire Tim Bradstreet to do production design again?

And please, Hollywood, for the love of all that is holy, stop filming movies in Vancouver BC! Enough already.


sticks said...

No comment on the blade trinity, or even blade 2. not much on the vampire movies, they (Hollywood, or Hollywood via Vancouver, BC) usually have it all wrong anyhow. But I did just see House of Flying Daggers, and yeah, everyone is on wires but holy shit, thats some cool stuff! Sticks recommends it!

I just finished reading your entire blog. Damn, I feel like an ass for not knowing about you earlier! the Yiff? forget about it, sooo damn funny and sad all at the same time! And Hydrangea?!? Someone like that is worth running into more than once it sounds like.

You know the saying "keep your friends close and your enemies closer"? this applies to you, comrade, watch yourself in the boardroom, hell they are probably reading this blog right now anyway with their new big brother search engine.

regarding the whole gay/not gay thing: people in the northwest just dont know how to deal with guys that care how they look outside of dockers, and birckenstocks.

keep on keeping on, maybe we will bump into each other one night.

You have many vamps in the EC?

Velvet Marauder said...

I'm gonna check out House of Flying Daggers this week, that looks cool as hell. Plus, I've got a crush on that chick Ziyi Zhang. See? Not gay.

I've only run in to one vampire up here, and he was an import from Turbine City. I staked the fucker.

Thanks for your kind words, Sticks, I'm glad you dig it!


K.Fox, Jr. said...

I only saw the beginning of house of flying daggers and I saw up to the part where the good ninja-esque guy is revealed to be a bad guy when he's talking to the guards and I saw the part when he watches home-chick take a bath. I started to take a break to play a round (okay, more like six rounds or secen)of DBZ Budokai 3 with my cousin and when I come back they've taken out the movie. Well, geez. Ah well, such is life.

Anonymous said...

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