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December 21, 2004

What the hell is that thing anyway?

What the hell is that thing anyway?

It's like a big purple aloe vera plant spliced with an octopus. The plant - and I use that word loosely - is planted in a big pot on a dias in the hallway outside my office. Thick, serated, tentacle-like leaves reach up from its cabbage-like "head." I spend the better part of an hour online looking at different types of exotic plants, but I don't find it. One gets the distinct impression that it comes alive at night.

I should figure out some way to get it identified. All the plants on this floor are weird "ornamental" exotics.

What if they're aliens? Quentin, Clarke, and Bradbury - they could be aliens, and these are alien plants that they keep around to make them feel at home.

Yeah, okay, that's lame. But really, what the hell is that thing anyway?


Captain Toenail said...

Don't lick it. It might make you sick.

Kid Hollywood said...

I think the not licking thing is good advice.
Might want to be carefull trying to take a sample or something. It might eat you like that plant in Little Shop of Horrors.

Dude, you so kick ass!! You smoked those Jet Pack Mafia freaks. And stylin too.

I found a small sample of the tune that I think was playing.
Shiny Disc Balls.

Maybe some of the other readers would like to have it playing when they read
Holiday Hellzone! Part TwoMaybe it's a different version, don't know.

Anyway, I wasn't watching CNN, but I will try and find some coverage so I can see you in action.

Merry Christmas


David Campbell said...

Thank you Toenail for the good advice, and thank you Kid Hollywood, O Master of HTML, for the link to Shiny Disco Balls. I love that song! Maybe not so much when I'm fighting evil, but it's good for patrol and shit.

Peace out and Merry X-Mas.

sticks said...

Considering how quickly Q,C, and B found your KOMA probes, I would send "your guy" one of the "plants". If he comes back with another "I made it" then it may be a good time to find another "guy". not gay. Otherwise, at the very least maybe he could help you figure out where they came from, who did the work, and what their function is, assuming there is something nefarious at play here.

If it is simply a form of security and surveilance, maybe there is a way to "hack" them? and get them to send you a feed too?

Well, wishing you luck in the new year! Happy Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Christmas or however you swing!


ps- I was wondering where that vamp got off to.

Dr. Sweet said...

I bet you're right. That plant sounds other-worldly.

I've been reading over your site and note your fear of going to Bayview because you might be found out. You could try seeing a hapless med student or first year resident in the ER- they might not catch on that anything is different. Especially if you lied and said you are a former IVDU (IV drug user) so they have to use 14 or 16-gauge needles on your thick skin.

Keep up the Marauding!

Happy Holidays,
Dr. Sweet

David Campbell said...

Thanks Dr. Sweet! That's good advice, you are wise.


K.Fox, Jr. said...

I agree! I agree with all of you, particularly sticks; what you said makes perfect sense, my man-not gay. Peace.