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September 08, 2004

Turbine City Update #1

This is from my laptop in my hotel room in TC. We're staying at the Widmark and I have an awesome view of Iron River, the Park, and in the distance, the hissing steaming industrial otherworld known as Motor Town, home turf of the famous Midnight Rambler. I wish I had my suit, I'd fucking love to jump around for an hour or two in Turbine City. I wonder if he is out there right now, on patrol, or if he's in the Weather Center, or on a mission, or what.

I met Keith, and Loretta at ECX in the morning. Margo showed up a few minutes later - her fucking boyfriend or somebody walks her to the concourse and kisses her good-bye. He's a stylish motherfucker in his turtleneck and his slimming topcoat, kind of looks like a dark haired evil Val Kilmer. I like the coat, though. Anyway, Margo --who looks great in jeans and a black leather jacket -- kisses this guy goodbye, gives him a little hand squeeze and a lingering look as they part, then turns and walks towards us, grinning. "Hi guys!"

We all move off to the gates, making small talk. I look back. Evil Val Kilmer is still standing back there, watching her go. She turns and waves. He mouths "Bye." Christ, she's only going away for a few days! Butch up, dude. Margo seems to be digging it though, so what do I know?

Okay, big day tomorrow. Which means instead of sleeping, watching The Ghost and The Darkness with Good Val Kilmer on the hotel TV. Not a good movie, but there are some redeeming scenes. The real life story that it's based on is more interesting than the film itself.

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