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September 20, 2004

Feeling the love

I felt too self conscious to read the thank you cards at my desk, so after work I read them in the Saab while it was warming up. I'd say something snide, but I can't front: the cards were very nice and it feels good to help people and stuff. Gail's daughter Anna made a card for me - it's a crayon picture of her and Gail and something that looks like a beaver or maybe a dog, all standing under a smiling sun. And in lopsided, sloppy little kid crayon writing it says: THANK YOU FOR SAVING MY MOMMY

That made me cry a little.

I got home and bounced around in the secret gym with my armor, listening to Jane's Addiction on the headset. I'm trying to practice turning off the MP3 player on my utility belt while in motion - I'm not getting caught flat-foot by any more fucking ninjas. So it's jump, kick, turn music off, jump, punch, turn music on, etc.

The Khaaan dummy is getting a work out lately. I keep pretending it's that ninja while practicing knife-hand strikes, and I get a little carried away sometimes. I'd give my left nut for just one shot at that guy.

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K.Fox, Jr. said...

This is a really funny blog. It would make me crie too if a little girl home-made me a card saying 'Thanks for saving my mommy.' Y'know what? You should try You can post stories on the site after writing them in Word or Notepad or something like that. Check it out it's