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September 17, 2004

"Today's hit music - now!"

Ha! No more public transit for me, I'm driving in my NEW CAR.

I forgot to bring CDs so I'm forced to listen to morning radio.

God damn, I hate morning radio - particularly the incessant ads, and the fucking inane banter of the Wacky Morning Crew. In Evergreen City alone, we have the following FM nightmares that shriek like harpies at commuters:

-Bob & Lisa and the Breakfast Club
The aforementioned Wacky Morning Crew
-Psycho Radio with Big John
-Munger and Weasal in the Morning
-Pinto & Sally
-The Drek Morning Show

I watched some local TV news on my recent trip to Turbine City, and it just drove home how stupid Evergreen City's local media is. Not because Turbine City's local TV or radio stations are better, but because they are exactly the same. Same format, same inane chat and flashy graphics or wacky sound effects; just different names.

Have you ever done that? Gone to another city in the States and listened to their stupid local FM radio or watched their stupid local TV programming? Take away the familiar voices and faces, the familiar branding you're conditioned to seeing and you're forced to look at the content itself and how it's presented. And it's so fucking stupid, it will melt your face.

There's no escape if you live in North America. I'm talking about you, too, Canada. There's just a few monstrous media companies that run all this crap, and it's all the same.

Think about it. I don't know where you live, but I bet you have a local radio station named KISS FM or STAR 105.9 or a station that plays "today's hits and yesterday's favorite," or one that calls itself The Beat or The Zone or Jammin' Oldies or maybe K-Rock? They probably have wisecracking DJ teams like Pinto & Sally, don't they? And your local network affiliates, I'll bet they have an Action News team and an Early Alert Doppler Forecast and a jolly sports guy named Mitch or Tony or some shit. It's all the same.

Oh right. My car. My car is fucking awesome.

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