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September 26, 2004

Star Wars Trilogy DVD Box Set: WEAK

Mitch is all psyched because he bought the Star Wars Trilogy Boxed Set. We drank beer and watched all three of them over at his house - sorry Lisa, I'm sure we were really loud. I wailed in outrage at every unwarranted addition, every instance of gratuitous CG. After a while I just started shouting WEAK at everything I didn't like.

Dinosaurs in Mos Eisley? WEAK! Greedo shoots first? WEAK! Extra X-Wing action during the Death Star battle? Actually, that's not so weak, I kind of dug that. Ghost Hayden Christiansen at the end of Jedi? WEAK!

George Lucas should have asked me what to change - No more Sarlaac burp after it eats Boba Fett. Insert Bea Arthur into the cantina scene. Greedo not only doesn't shoot first, but Han fucking blows his head off, Scanners style. Lando and the Millennium Falcon get blown up at the end of Jedi like they should have. I could go on.

Poor Lisa, who is six months pregnant, has to listen to us arguing about this shit for six hours.

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