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September 30, 2004

Margo Report

Margo is wearing a crisp white skirt and a black cashmere v-neck sweater today. The heels she's wearing accentuate her beautiful calves.

I think of Evil Val Kilmer and his evil hands all over Margo and it makes me want to punch something until it breaks. Evil Val is like an anti-matter version of Good Val Kilmer. It's like that Star Trek episode "Mirror Mirror" where they get trapped in an evil alternate universe where people carry daggers and have goatees.

You ever watch a movie where the female lead is with some dickhead, who she then breaks up with so that she can be with the male lead, the guy who she's supposed to be with? (Me.) And you're wondering, why was she with dickhead in the first place? That's the scenario here. I mean, I know nothing about the guy, and he is sort of good looking (again: not gay) and dresses well, but he just reeks of "dickhead" to me.

Perhaps I don't like Evil Val because I recognize qualities in him that I don't like in myself - vanity, obsessive grooming, vanity, arrogance, vanity - and I'm projecting on him in a Jungian sense.

Or maybe he's just a big dickhead.

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