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September 12, 2004

Evil Val Kilmer Strikes Back

Got back in town last night. Evil Val Kilmer was waiting at the airport, and Margo did a little run-into-his-arms thing and kissed him. What a dick. I shared a cab back into town with Keith.

A bonus: I got back home and my new armor was waiting for me. I took it out to the barn and put it on - it has that new car smell that I love. The new "skin" My Guy put on my armor seems lightweight and stretchy, but it feels like plastic toy armor, like it wouldn't stop a bullet. I hop around for twenty minutes. The Audio Suite seems to be working okay - the controls are a little too small for my gloved hands, but I'll get used to it. I'm going to download some music and go on patrol. Awesome, now I can get that fucking badger song out of my head.

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