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June 07, 2005

The Nerd Zone

Margo isn’t at work today. I can’t blame her; I wouldn’t come in to work either if I had almost burned to death the night before.

It’s a beautiful sunny day in the E.C.. I take a long lunch and go shopping down at Waterfront Park. It helps me think, what can I say? I get a kick-ass pair of Bacco Bucci loafers on sale and picked up a green tie at Fonte’s, because you never know when you’ll need a green tie. Again: not gay.

After lunch, instead of working I pore over Margo’s notes about this whole QuantumWorks conspiracy. I look at the floor plan she printed out of the ninth floor and the photos she took on her phone camera of the restricted IT area on the floor.

I need to get back there, to the Nerd Zone. It’s the key to this whole thing. The Nerd Zone (I’m going to call it that from now on) is a limited access area; only the geeks with the red badges can get back there. Mysterious figures in hazmat suits have been seen in the Nerd Zone, and occasionally the smell of cooking bacon wafts out of the Zone and into the rest of the ninth floor. Based on everything I’ve seen, I think the Nerd Zone is actually a large high-tech supervillain lab that exists in a tesseract room – it’s a huge area smashed into a small space through the wonders of dimensional technology. The whole thing gives me the creeps.

But how to get back there?

Maybe I should go shopping after work and think about this.


razorsmile said...

So, the act of violating Heisenberg smells like bacon?


Anonymous said...

Okay, sorry, pet peeve: in the third paragraph, the word you want to use is pore, as in "I pored over the maps of the Nerd Zone". Pore = to study carefully. Just my $1.05. I'm glad you're back.

David Campbell said...

Aiiiee! Thanks Verity, I will change that

Anonymous said...

Actually a tesseract is a four-dimensional version of a cube. Like a cube is a three-dimensional version of a square. Weird shit tends to go on in them, so it might be a tesseract. I'm pretty sure the TARDIS is a whole other thing, though.