It's like Bridget Jones' Diary, but with a super-powered vigilante.

June 06, 2005

Giddy vigilante

As I head back over the rooftops of the South End towards my Saab, Green Dragon’s jade mask in hand, I realize that Margo kissed me.

She kissed me.

Granted, it wasn’t like, a deep passionate kiss or anything. More of a chaste Princess Leia/Luke Skywalker “good luck” kiss, but still – she kissed me. I saved Margo’s life, and she kissed me. Just like a real hero.

I honestly can’t help myself, but Coldplay’s “Clocks” is playing in my head as I spring and vault over the warehouses and railroad cars south of the city. I’m sappy like that; my subconscious apparently has no taste or sense of irony.

I turn on some White Zombie on my suit’s audio system to drown out the Coldplay, but it doesn’t fit the mood, so I stop for a second and pick out something appropriate. Ah. Neko Case. Now I can finish off the evening on an appropriate note.

She kissed me.


Joel said...

You know a certian temporal slip is opening between our realitys. I hope it doesn't get too wide and cut me off from your blog. I'm not sure how likely that is; I didn't even realize blogspot was pandimensional!

Verity Kindle said...

Wooo! Way to go, VM! I worry, though- would you and Margo's kids be all parahuman too? If you can pee thirty feet, what will you do when your kids start whizzin' holes straight through their diapers? Ya gotta think about these things. Kevlar nappies? Surely somebody sells them- there has GOT to be a market for those in the superhero community.

gorjus said...

Yeah, way to go, VM!!

Verity Kindle said...

Hey, make with the updates. I only just found this blog a week ago and I want to find out what happens next. No updates = really vicious, premeditated action, like e-mails. I could get some old hippies and make them make some little protest signs! Oh yeah! Don't think I won't make them parade around the city blocking traffic! I need updates!

Anonymous said...

Less Margo! More Yiff!

gorjus said...


Dark Blight said...

I wonder if he died? It HAS been over a month?

Now I can RULE EVERGREEN CITY!!!! Mwhaa haa haaaa!!

Verity Kindle said...

I think even Yiff would be a little concerned about VM at this point. He would be all molesting people's legs and then suddenly stop and say thoughtfully, "You know, I haven't seen VM around in at least a month. Gosh, I hope he's ok, because humping people without being attacked by caped vigilantes really ruins the whole thing. I barely want to hump ANYBODY. It's so depressing. I might have to get a job or take up stamp collecting, dude. Where are you, Flamboyant Cape Man who has stolen our hearts? Where are you?" Then Yiff would go back to violating people's legs, but his heart isn't really in it anymore.

James Governor said...

first thought - gimme a break

second though - rofl, the stuff about coldplay is funny