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January 03, 2005

My thermos! It's gone!

So I get back from my holiday in New Avalon and find that somebody has broken into my house.

Nothing is obviously out of place or missing, but I have this feeling when I come in the house. Because I'm paranoid I systematically check every room and hiding spot in the house for ninja. Satisfied that I'm alone, I enter the Secret Chamber. I'll review the surveillance camera feeds and see if they record any intruders.

You can imagine my surprise when I find the safe in the Chamber wide open. It's missing; the thermos cylinder I got from the Interbionics soiree is gone. (see post The Interbionics Thing, 12/24/04)

Fuck. And I was going to get that analyzed and see what was in it. I had to fight a superpowered elf martial artist to get that fucking cylinder! He said that inside the cannister was "Perfection." Then I threw him off the balcony. Now I wish I had gotten a little more specific info from the guy.

I check the surveillance camera files. They've been erased, of course.

Did Interbionics send one of their Aryan ubermensch in here? Or was it somebody from The Company? Maybe it was a ninja, I don't know. Hey, and who was the guy that gave me the DON'T DRINK THE CHAMPAGNE note, anyway? What was that all about?

Somebody know my secret identity.


1 comment:

K.Fox, Jr. said...

>Somebody know my secret identity.

No sod. I'm sure you'll catch him/her eventually. It's probably what 'Ice Queen' was referring to.