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January 05, 2005

Dead Elf

So I forgot to do a post about the media reaction to the chaos at the Interbionics West gala.

You'll recall that I fought a super-strong-elf-caterer-assassin on a balcony for a canister of mysterious fluid as a reception full of Evergreen City VIPs carried on in the lobby below. I threw the elf guy off the balcony and into a huge Chihuly hanging glass sculpture, interrupting the gala in a spectacular way. It’s a good thing, too, because Margo and Mayor McChesney and a whole bunch of VIPs were about to drink champagne spiked with the mysterious fluid during the evil Jason Delacroix’s toast. (see post The Interbionics Thing, 12/24/04)

They take the elf guy to Bayview Hospital in critical condition, and somebody “leaked” to the news that the elf, Daniel Fronz, was an Interbionics security officer with a long history of depression. An Aryan spokesperson for Interbionics implies that Fronz was a disgruntled employee and that he may have intentionally jumped on to the sculpture in an attempt to kill himself.

There’s no mention of a fight or a mysterious badass in a tux, which is good news for me.

Daniel Fronz dies in the ambulance en route to Bayview and they end up dropping him in the hospital’s morgue. Wouldn’t you know it? That night a propane tank "accidentally" explodes in a lab and a catastrophic fire sweeps through the morgue, destroying everything, including Daniel Fronz’s body.

Do I feel bad that he died? I guess. He was a bad guy, though. How worked up am I supposed to get? Anyway, I don't think I killed him. He was superhumanly tough, and as far as I know he was alive when he went into that ambulance. I'm guessing they didn't want doctors checking him out or cops asking questions, so they killed him in the ambulance and whitewash the whole thing, call it a suicide.

Looks like Interbionics knows how to cover their ass.


sticks said...

to quote monty python:


or at least move with no forwarding address.


K.Fox, Jr. said...

You could run. Or you could sit it out. I agree with the murder and white wash thing.