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May 24, 2005

These stupid-ass ball things

What is up with these fucking ball chairs?

I come back from Costa Rica and all of a sudden everybody at work is sitting on these goofy balls. Have you seen these? They’re these big sturdy plastic balls that will easily support your average not-fat person. My bitch Chad sits on one of them all fucking day, slowly bouncing up and down at his desk. I think he looks like an idiot, but that’s just me.

Those things can’t be good for you. I give Chad another week before he goes back to a chair with hip dysphasia or something.

Plus, this is an office for God’s sake, not a day care. Play with your balls at home. Please.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, the ball chairs are idiotic. "But they work out your core!" Put down the thousand calorie Frappuccino, then I'll take advice from you on how to strengthen 'my core.'
Plus, that "bodytrends" website creeps me out. Bones shouldn't be green. That's just not right.

Zoot Koomie said...

Hey, did you notice that all the better -known blogs linking to your blog have pushed it right off of the first page of Google results for "velvet marauder"? You're link number 15. You might want to do something about that.

Or not, it's just an extra click after-all.


Velvet Marauder said...

Shit, I need to do something about that - like KILL everybody on the first search results page!

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