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August 28, 2004

Superman II

Score! Superman II was on cable.

I love like, half this movie. Terence Stamp just rules as General Zod. The fight between Superman and the Phantom Zone criminals in Metropolis is as cool as it possibly could have been considering that it was made in 1980. It was my favorite superhero movie fight until Spider-Man 2 came out. Don't hate; that train fight scene with Doc Ock ruled.

But what happened to Superman II? I think I read somewhere that Richard Donner got booted off the film by the producers or something. Don't get me wrong, Richard Donner is a real hit or miss director. He's made some dope movies (Lethal Weapon) and some shit movies (Lethal Weapon 4) but the man brought Superman to the big screen and should've been allowed to finish the second movie. I don't know what the full story is, but I do know that the end of Superman II sucks balls.

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