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August 27, 2004

Margo Report

Today Margo is wearing a crisp white button up shirt with flaring cuffs and collars and a slimming black cashmere vest and a knee length skirt with black pumps. It's sort of a retro thing, and with her new haircut she sort of looks like a young hot Mary Tyler Moore.

We crossed paths in the coffee room today. She kind of swatted my shoulder with the folder she was carrying and said, "Hey Mackenzie, nice job on the presentation yesterday." I said something stupid like, "Oh, hey thanks. Yeah..." and Margo floated out of the coffee room with a smile.

I want her to be my Lois Lane.

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eprime said...

hey if I be you're Lex Luthor I could capture her and yknow do stuff to her lol . Or I could intern at you're office and be Jimmy . Hey wait why did you pick Mackenzie as your alias ?