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August 29, 2004

Media Coverage

Last night my team up with Kestrel led the news on all three stations. I love Tivo.

The KORN 4 helicopter had the best footage of Kestrel and I standing on that rooftop in Chinatown, surveying the damage, intercut with shots of the wrecked Judo Boy car. I learn that the driver was taken to the ER at Bayview with fractured ribs and "neck trauma" and is in stable condition. Kestrel was right; they killed a gas station attendant with their bare hands when he triggered the alarm. All for what? A couple hundred bucks, if that. Fucking Judo Boys. I hope they get life at Stone Mountain.

KLUB's coverage was more about Kestrel than me, honestly. They ran some file footage from the Villain's Revolt of Kestrel, Wombat and I fighting the Jet Pack Mafia. Yawn. No Leslie Milton this time; she must have the weekend off.

Meeting JC for lunch. I'm going to try to talk him into looking at cars with me - JC's a car guy, he's a pro at shit like that.

I'm thinking of getting one of those Honda Elements, the boxy looking ones. I need something utilitarian, you know, something that I can haul crimefighting gear in. I can't decide if those are so-ugly-they're-cool. We'll see what JC thinks.

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