It's like Bridget Jones' Diary, but with a super-powered vigilante.

March 31, 2005

My Trophy Room

One thing I think a proper superhero should have is a trophy room. It’s part of the culture. In the comics Batman has trophies and relics in the Batcave; a huge T-Rex , a giant penny, dead Robin’s suit, etc. How exactly did Batman get the big dinosaur in the cave, I wonder? I guess he has as a Batforklift or something. Anyway, in real life Silver Striker has that museum that keeps getting blown up, and the Minutemen have Liberty Plaza. I’m sure the Midnight Rambler has a trophy vault somewhere, and I’d love to see all the crazy shit the Storm Riders have up in the Weather Center. My point is, everybody has a trophy room.

Space is an issue for me, so I have to settle for a trophy wall inside the Secret Chamber, which I really need to air out; it smells like a wet yak in there. So far I only have three items in my trophy collection: the stake I used to kill that vampire in Turbine City, a fancy gold dagger from one of Baron von Blitzkrieg’s officers, and the Insekt III claw. I mount the dagger on the wall and put the stake in a metallic picture frame next to it. The display for the robot claw is really cool; I mounted the claw on a black pedestal and put a large bell jar over top of it.

There. I step back and admire my trophy wall.

You know, I could make little plaques for each trophy that explain what the item is and the story behind it…

Okay, I need to stop. Getting a little too Martha here. Who’s going to read the fucking plaques? It’s a Secret Chamber.