It's like Bridget Jones' Diary, but with a super-powered vigilante.

March 05, 2005

Media Report

I made the front page of The Inquisitor again: "Marauder helps police catch serial car thief." There's a grainy photograph of me standing in front of the wrecked Subaru with a shit-eating smile on my face, waving at the camera. I think one of the college girls who witnessed the incident took a picture of me with her cell phone.

Oooh, and there's an editorial coming in the Sunday Edition about the Paracrime Unit! I guess some rank-and-file ECPD cops are pissed that this sexy new unit gets all the funding and cherry-picks talent from SWAT and Homicide - and to what end? They spend thousands setting up dragnets to catch me on one side of town while at the same time I'm helping cops on the other side of town catch bad guys.

I can't wait to read that.